There are objects we take for granted because they've been part of our daily lives since we can remember. They're so well designed, modern technology hasn't been able to improve. The humble pencil is one of them. The pencil is an extension of our brain.

The film "Doodle" explores that very personal connection. The pencil comes alive and replaces the invisible individual that controls it. It follows its own line, discovering itself in the process, and discovering what a team work can do. Simple lines become complicated thoughts. One pencils becomes many. It's the ultimate team work.

This special film is based on the lifelong work of my father, Carlos Caicedo. He's well known in the photography industry for his surrealistic work with pencils and paper. It was an honor to work with him and help bring his work to life. 

Here's a link to his work online:


Produced by: ~Hey Mister!~

Directed By: Mo Caicedo

Concept and Creative Direction: Carlos Caicedo

Animation, Modeling and Texturing: Jean Delaunay

Lighting, Compositing and Finishing: Ryan O'Phelan

Original Score: John Lardieri

Composed by: John Lardieri and Guilherme Manuel

Sound Design and Mastering: Liam Dirlam